The main ideological idea of a team is enabling the “I” into “WE”.

It is the condition where the members of the team co-operating and co-working together, is constantly powered by the relationship between them and the interaction with the surrounding environment.


08 May 2019

WE33(EMEIS33)@Platforms Project 2019

“The Tower of Babel” We33 by Artia Gallery, a group comprised of seventy artists, sculptors, engravers, architects, photographers and designers, is taking part in the Platforms Project 2019 with “The

02 May 2018

WE33(EMEIS33)@Platforms Project 2018

“The Cube” “The mirror is, after all, a utopia, since it is a placeless place. But it is also a heterotopia in so far as the mirror does exist in reality, where it exerts a sort of counteraction on

07 May 2014

WE33(EMEIS33)@Art-Athina 2014

“WE33ν” The project WE33ν is the continuity of WE33(EMEIS33), which was presented by Artia Gallery at the Platform Project@Art-Athina 2013 by Artemis Potamianou. The construction could be describe

06 May 2013

WE33(EMEIS33)@Art-Athina 2013

“Drawers” This project aimed for the PlatformProject 2013 consists of a network formed by a cluster of drawers. 33 artists coexisting, each one of them transforming a personal drawer into a place of

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