06 May 2013

WE33(EMEIS33)@Art-Athina 2013

The main ideological idea of a team is enabling the “I” into “WE”. It is the condition where the members of the team co-operating and co-working together, is constantly powered by the relationship between them and the interaction with the surrounding environment.

emeis33 Art-Athina 2013

The construction could be described as a space frame, as a network formed by a cluster of drawers - nodes. As such, it bears an inclusive, personal or domestic nature, and an outer hub that acts as a barrier or a bridge.

The project does disclose an absolute truth, discussing constantly with oneself and the whole. It is at the same time a machine - monster and a living organism in development.

In the receiving space, the viewer selects his personal view of the work, opening and closing the drawers thus interfering with the construction and constantly defining its final form. Serving as a Co - manufacturer of this fluid system, opening the drawer makes the viewer part of it’s content.

As random artistic existences, “WE” is a dream, a dream in which we are it’s parts, positive and negative, familiar and unfamiliar. Elements of this “WE”, memory, weariness, travelling, uplift, in a place where everything is possible. In a wider context, however, it describes the passage of social and cultural forms from a steady state, in a "fluid" one.

The construction, aims to manage and synthesize drawers by inviting them to interact with each other while establishing at the same time a standalone and integrated, yet polyphonic event. It carries, thereby, a representation in space of a social or cultural structure able to establish new conditions on a collective meaning within contemporary fluid social and cultural conditions.

emeis33 Art-Athina 2013
emeis33 Art-Athina 2013

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