Artia Gallery Artia Gallery was established in 2011. It supports contemporary Greek art and presents unique pieces of painting, sculpture, engravings, photography and new media made by young and well-known artists.

Visual Artist Dina Hasiakou in 2012 created the platform of Artia, an organic structure with the artists functioning as the vital cells of an organism. The platform went beyond virtual reality and its internal structure became an “idea”.


Based in this idea, the artists of the team WE 33 work together as equals towards creating a project in which the viewer plays an active role. Through the projects We33 try to create a path of communication, co-existence and cooperation with the artists and the public.

This Platform is a living space, that never stops developing. In this way it is clearly declared how fond of evolution Artia Gallery is. This is a pioneer project, the prerequisites of which are high quality of authentic Art, professionalism and team work.

Dina Hasiakou Managing Director

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