Konstantinos Patsios

Born in 1977 Athens ,Greece.
Lives and works in Athens, Greece.

He studied panting in Athens school of fine arts, tutor Jannis Psychopaidis and in Rhode island school of design ,Boston, U.S.A.He has had 4 solo exhibitions in Athens and one in Thessaloniki,such as "the divine comedy" curated by Alexios Papazacharias, "Sugar Mao" curated by Marina Fokides , "Mr Cannibal".He has participated in many art-fairs like Contemporary istanboul 2008, art-athina 2008,2009.He colaborates with Fizzgallery in Athens,Artiscausa in thessaloniki .Beside the young of his age Patsios has participated in many groop shows in Greece and abroad, like "tracing traces"curated by Artemis Potamianou ,Goldener Centaur may 2007 Munich , "The artwe project " july 2009 Denmark ,Aabenra ,Fata Morgana groop show at benaki museum,Acton field Kodra.He has curated three groop shows like "digital freaks install the noise" gazi Athens.He participated in many workshops like Video readings -A.S.F.A organised by the museum of contemporary art of Athens.He has also been involved in theatre with sight specific installations ,like "nobody else" in 2011.

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