Manolis Anastasakos

National Scholarships :

  • 2002 – 2003 – 2005- 2006 (Foundation of National Scholarships/Greece)

Studies :

  • 2008 Fine Arts, Visual and Applied Arts Department, University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • 2007 Art Therapy in Thessaloniki, (Art therapy center of north Greece)
  • 2005 Film directing in Serbia, (Workshop Emir Kusturica)
  • 2002 Agiography in Athens, (Bouzianis Foundation)
  • 2001 Set Design in Athens, (Workshop M.Haniotaki)
  • 2000 Technical - Professional Lyceum of Athens, in the Applied Arts field.
  • 1996 Glassmaking in Crete island, (Workshop R.Zabetakis)
  • 1995 Woodcarving in Lesvos island, (Workshop G.Sikomitelis)

Awards :

  • 2010 Artslant . Category: mixed-media. 3rd Showcase Winner. (San Francisco / USA)
  • 2008 2nd intercontinental Bienalle of small graphics. 5th award ( Aiud / Roumania)
  • 2006 Photographica Art “Arte Laguna”, 1st award (Treviso / Italy)
  • 2005 Voice your ideas-Change the future, 1st award in billboard art. (Athens/Greece)

Personal Exhibitions:

  • 2008 minimax. Gallery Fizz. (Athens / Greece)
  • 2009 minimax max. Gallery Artforum. (Thessaloniki / Greece)
  • 2011 personhood, Gallery Fizz. (Athens / Greece)

Selected Team Exhibitions:

  • 2003 Antiwar. Museum of Byzantine Musical Instruments (Thessaloniki / Greece)
  • 2004 The olive tree in Greek engraving. Engraving Museum. (Messini / Greece)
    Paraolympic games .War Museum (Thessalonica / Greece)
    Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 28th Olympic games,sculpting & painting workshops. (Athens / Greece)
    Art is in your doorstep! Program sponsored by EEC. Painting & sculpting. (Denizli-Turkey)
    Olympic Armstice , Aristotel Universite. (Thessaloniki / Greece)
  • 2005 International art school – Transition-no,it is’n art – with Emir Kusturica (Mokra Gora / Serbia)
    Young Artists In Teloglion Museum (Thessaloniki / Greece)
    EX LIBRIS, 2nd Engraving Trienalle. (Lefkada / Greece)
    Contemporary Greek artists . Αrchaeological museum, (Thessaloniki / Greece)
    Voice your ideas-Change the future.1st price -Category Billboards . Gallery Bios (Greece / Athens)
  • 2006 Synergeia. State Museum of contemporary art. (Thessaloniki/Greece )
    Art in the front page. Benaki Museum (Athens / Greece)
    Inter art.International Biennale of small Graphics. (Auid / Romania)
    ΕU logo competition (Berlin / Germany)
    3rd international drawing competition.(Wroclaw / Poland)
    5th Art Festival for the human rights.<< new roles-new rights?>>Wo(+)Man. (Greece)
    Art Festival (Novisad / Serbia)
    Terminal 00, (Ljubljana / Slovenia)
    bwdp 1(beware of digital prints), Neapolis Engraving Center,(Thessaloniki/ Greece)
  • 2007 18th international biennale of humor & satire. (Gabrovo / Bulgaria)
    The civilization of the olive tree. Byzantine Museum.(Athens / Greece)
    Athens video art festival. (Athens / Greece)
    2nd International competition of figurative painting and sculpture. (Madrid/Spain)
    European Photo competition for Diversity-Breaking Stereotypes (Berlin /Germany)
    1st Biennale Thessalonikis. Public Screen.State museum of contemporary art (Greece)
    LACDA,(SNAP TO GRID)Los Angeles Center of Digital Art, (LosAngeles/America)
    International Photographica Art “Arte Laguna”Gallery Avogadro, ( Treviso/Italy)
    W6. Neapolis Engraving Center Helios. (Thessaloniki / Greece )
  • 2008 Art in the front page. Benaki Museum (Athens / Greece)
    2nd Biennial of Small Graphics. 5th Distinction (Aiud/Romania)
    1st mixed media show. What is White? Ada Street Gallery (London / England)
    Synch Festival New Media.Greek State Museum of contemporary art (Thessalonica / Greece)
    2nd Trienalle EX LIBRIS. (Lefkada / Greece)
    Festival du Vent. Les Amis du Vent (Calvi / Corsica / France)
    Festambiente. Taste 4art. Legambiente (Grosseto / Toscana / Italy)
    Strange Screen.Macedonia Museum of contemporary art (Thessalonica / Greece)
    International photo contest – My world. (Nikon / Japan)
    Art Tech Media. ( Cordoba / Spain)
    10 years engraving, M.I.E.T. (Thessaloniki / Greece)
    DigitalArt.LA L.A.C.D.A Los Angeles
  • 2009 31th international film festival. Media forum, (Moscow / Russia)
    Museum Katraki. (Aitoliko / Greece)
    Museum of Contemporary Art. (Florina / Greece)
    Viva LA Art. (Los Angeles / U.S.A)
    Urban Art 2. Technopolis- Konstantinos Kavafis hall. (Athens / Greece)
    G.Tsakiris and 123 artists. Vafopoulio Coltural Center.(Thessaloniki / Greece)
  • 2010 Art Athina Fair. (Athens / Greece)
    Vernal Agreement. Technohoros Art Gallery. (Athens / Greece)
    Coming soon. Fizz gallery. (Athens / Greece)
    Lembessiart2010. (Athens / Greece)
    Holy art? Lola Nikolaou Gallery (Thessaloniki/Greece)
  • 2011 Crosstalk video art festival . (Budapest / Hungary)
    Perfection, utopia of woman . MOYA museum of young Art. (Vienna / Austria)
    Urban Art III. Cultural center “Athinais”. (Athens / Greece)
    Athens video art festival. Cultural center “Gazi”. (Athens / Greece)
    Art Salon. Art forum Gallery. (Athens / Greece)
    Etsi. Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. (Athens / Greece)
    ArtAz. Technopolis culture center. (Athens / Greece)
  • 2012 Sony World Photography Awards 2012 - Professional Competition - Arts & Culture Category
    New engravers . Georgio De Chirico institute. Volos / Greece
    Horizons. Drawing, Sculpturing, Engraving. Municipal art gallery Piraeus. Piraeus / Greece
    Fashion in Art- Isnotgallery – Nikosia / Cyprus
    About Freedom – Technohoros gallery – Athens / Greece
    Μuseo Νazionale Romano Terme di Diocleziano -Technohoros gallery, Rome / Italy
    Salus Patriae. PLOES XVIII . P&M Kydoniefs Foundation , Andros / Greece
  • 2013 New engravers .Society of fine art A.Tassos & Cyprus Embasssy, Athens / Greece
    Offering. National archaeological museum. Athens/ Greece
    Art Athina .Art Fair. Athens / Greece
    Athens Video Art Festival. Athens / Greece
    Speaking for the future. Cultural centre Melina Merkoyri. Athens / Greece
    13th Cavafia (invisible procession) . Cairo / Egypt
    Dream Sailors(three man show). Blender Gallery. Athens / Greece
  • 2014 No country for young man. Palais des Beaux-arts |Center of fine arts. Brussels/Βelgium
    Arena. "Performative Resistance" Center of Contemporary Art .Torun/Poland

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