Past, Present, Future created by Dina Hasiakou

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Video Art


Past, present and future in a video that consists of three elements, which play simultaneously stating that time is uniform.

Past. Α polyphonic group from Epirus, communers of a folk tradition that goes back to ancient times, sing mournfully to accompany my grandmother to the next world. The song comes from the Near East, depicting the connection between the Turkish Occupation of Greece period and my personal roots.

Present. Scenes from the videoclip "Lost in the world". The downfall we are experiencing at present, trying to chase the American Dream.

Future. Maria Callas, a symbol of Greece, not heard while closed in a cage, is released by the power of love and flies high in the sky, to the light, like the angel who brings to mind the mythological Icarus linking once again Greek history and modern reality.

The cabinet reminds us of something personal and intimate, like one found in any house, decorated with stickers, as we all did as children, bringing those childhood memories in the mind of the beholder.

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