Choicecreated by Dina Hasiakou

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Video Art


The video art "Choice" is a flashback in the past, in the family history of the artist. In the video we see her cousin, a young man who tries to find his personal identity. Οn the table in front of him there is a black and white photo of her grandfather, for whom the granddaughter has only heard stories. Also on the table there are needles, threads and buttons, teapot and cups of the grandmother. The cousin of the artist is seen in the video wearing the artist grandmother's straw hat. The sound of the waves refers to her grandfather who used to made boats in his spare time. The skein of thread that unravels in the video symbolizes the mythical skein of thread that Ariadne gave Theseus and this way he was not lost in the maze after he defeated the Minotaur.

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